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              ZT-III 英文說明書
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              ZT-III desktop vacuum minipump product information guide


              ZT-III desktop vacuum minipump is designed for chemical testing, clinical testing, bio-engineering, metallurgy, environmental protection. This vacuum decompressing device can draw and discharge liquid as well as decompression. It is widely applied to extract supernate or sediment after centrifugation in extraction & preparation of monoclonal antibodies ,clearing or exchanging liquid after integration, washing porous plastic plate for enzyme-linked immunosorbent, leaching experiment-like points of hybridization, rapid extraction in the sub-photometer ( device with pool) or a variety of biochemical-analytic instruments, replacing the current impact of the glass vacuum pumps. A multifunctional instrument, with reasonable mechanism, low noise and easy to carry, greatly facilitates the work of the laboratory.

              Main technical indicator

              Negative Pressure Range: 0.01Mpa0.075Mpa           Degree of Vacuum: 0.075Mpa

              Maximum Flux: 6L/min        Weight: 7Kg            Power: AC220V

              Size: 290×240×110MM       Rated Power: 20W      Content of Bottle: 1000ML


              1. Plug the bottle(no leakage), access to power, then turn on power to start working.
              2. Exhaust: remove the stainless steel needle and insert in exhaust port, regulating negative pressure according to the experiment.
              3. Pumping liquid: access to power and turn the negative pressure knob to the lower, then choose two stainless needles of different diameters to draw liquid according to requirement.

                  A  Extraction of the supernate after centrifugation: as a small amount of supernate has been pumped into the bottle, it can not be collected. Please prepared a vial (such as penicillin bottles). Pull out the stainless steel needles from rubber plug, and insert in the penicillin bottles (or on the other cork). After the start, gradually turning up the negative pressure, supernate can be pumped into bottle. Do not get the bottle full of the sample to avoid being drawn into the pump.

              B  Extraction of the sediment after centrifugation: First remove the centrifuge tube. After the start, slowly turn up large negative pressure, and carefully draw out supernate into the bottle collecting waste water with stainless steel needles. Thus the sediment needed is left in the heart of  tube. Note: You’d better slowly approach the liquid with the fine needle, so as to avoid drawing out the sediment.

              1. In order to avoid contamination, we suggest you sterilize the needle after using or buy more needles from us in advance.
              2. Please turn off the power when finished.


              1. Don’t insert the big needle in the plug too deep to avoid drawing liquid into the pump.
              2. Please pump clean water into rubber tube several times to wash up the leftover of samples after using. Finally, wash up the used bottle for next use.


              Shanghai Zhisun Equipment Co., Ltd

              Address: Block 58 NO. 3333 Gudai Road Shanghai       Postcode: 201100

              ephone: 02151510737   51510738                02151510736

              Website: www.zhisun。。com                             : zhx@zhisun.com

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